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Bildungsurlaub at LanguageUK

LanguageUK is an approved English language centre for the Bildungsurlaub programme.

What is Bildungsurlaub?

Bildungsurlaub means “educational leave” in German. Every year German employees are entitled to take up to two weeks paid leave to study full time on a selected course of their choice at a Bildungsurlaub approved institute.

Are you eligible for Bildungsurlaub?

If the answer is yes, then LanguageUK would like to welcome you on a course that will develop your English skills. This is a perfect opportunity to visit the UK and study English alongside taking a break to explore and enjoy the historic city of Canterbury.

What courses can you take?

Our Intensive General English Course is very beneficial if you are thinking of a one or two-week stay. You will be placed with a small group of students into a class that is appropriate for your level of English. Our Intensive English course is 23 hours of classroom tuition per week plus 7 hours of self-study and blended learning. This will give you the 30 hours you need to take part in Bildungsurlaub. During the course you will focus on the core English skills including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Particular attention on fluency and vocabulary expansion is given to students. With the aid of a qualified teacher, we hope a short intensive course will help you to build your confidence, knowledge and fluency in English.

Do you need help with something very specific?

Perhaps you need to use your English at work and there are some tasks that you find particularly challenging. Maybe a report or presentation or perhaps day to day emailing in English is just taking up too much of your time! It might be that you are keen to go for promotion and you are worried you haven’t quite got the level of English required. Whatever your reasons are, we can try to help you. If you have a specific need then we would recommend you consider taking either our Standard General English Course in a group during the mornings and combine this with a Private English Tuition during the afternoons. You could also select the option to take a Full Time Private Course that will focus entirely on your specific requirements. All students who book to take Private tuition as part of their course are invited to meet us online for a free consultation and needs analysis. If you think this might be the option for you and you’d like to get a personalized quote from us, please contact us and let us know what you need.

Do you have children who would like to join you?

We have been running a successful English Family Programme since 2012. You are very welcome to bring your family. Open all year round but popular during the school holiday season, adults are welcome to bring their children. As a parent you will be given the opportunity to chose one of our courses for adults as described above and your children will take part in our course for young learners. Our course for the children is cultural, educational and very interactive. Our young students are placed into a morning class according to age and ability. Lessons take place every morning followed by a healthy lunch and then an afternoon activity. More information on the family english programme

We would like to hear from you

If you are eligible for Bildungsurlaub and looking to improve your English but still have some questions, please do write to us. We would be happy to provide you with some further information.

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