Life in the UK Test

Life in the UK Test Preparation Course

What Is The Life In The UK Test?

You are required to take the test as part of your application for British citizenship, settlement or Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. This is a computer based test of 24 questions and lasts 45 minutes. The test is designed to prove that the applicant has enough knowledge of British life and proficiency in English.

What Will You Be Tested On?

You’ll be tested on information which is in the official handbook for the Life in the UK Test.

Where Can I Buy A Course Book For The Life In The UK Test?

You will need to buy this handbook from before starting your course with us. The handbook is available as a book, an eBook, an e-Learning subscription or in audio formats.

How Do I Book The Life In The UK Test?

When you are ready to book the Life in the UK test, please make sure that you book directly from the UK Government website only. You must select your preferred test location and the date and time for the test. Try to book the test at your nearest test centre. To book your test, please use the following link:

How Much Does The Test Cost?

The test currently costs £50.

What Score Do I Need To Pass The Test?

You will need to score a minimum of 18 correct answers out of 24 to pass the test. This is a pass rate of 75% or more. Only 64% of candidates pass the exam first time which is why we have developed a course in order to help you be successful.

Does The Life In The UK Test Expire?

No. The Life in the UK Pass Certificate does NOT have an expiry date, and you can use it for your British Citizenship or Settlement Application.

Life In The UK Preparation Course

How Can A Course At Language UK Help You Prepare For The Life In The UK Test?

LanguageUK has prepared a specialised English language course which is designed to help you improve your English proficiency as well as prepare for the main topics in the Life in the UK test.

All the topics covered in this course will help you to pass the test.

  • Lessons will be arranged around these topics:
  • What is the UK, its values and principles?
  • Countries which make up British History from early Britain to now.
  • The events and people that have helped to shape the aspect of life in the UK today.
  • Customs and traditions, arts, culture and leisure.
  • The UK government, development of British democracy and constitution
Course Facts 
Course start datesPlease get in touch with us
Course duration5 weeks
English levelIntermediate
Total Class hours15
Hours per week3
Minimum age18 years
Class sizeMinimum 5 - maximum 15 students
CoursebookFrom £8.99 direct from official government website ( to be purchased separately)
PricePlease get in touch with us
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