Safeguarding and support for students under 18

Safeguarding for students under 18 attending Adult English Courses

At LanguageUK students can join an adult general English class from the age of 16.  Anyone under the age of 18 living in England is legally a child and it is important that parents, agents and students understand that there are additional needs in terms of welfare and support for our younger students. The information below is a guide that might help to answer some questions regarding the safety and welfare of students attending adult courses and who are under 18.

Travelling Outside the School

  • The host will give the student information on how to get to school on their first day.
  • The school will make sure students know how to return to their homestay and will also give the students a guided tour of Canterbury on their first day.
  • Most students in Canterbury will walk or get the bus to and from the school.
  • We advise all our students who are under 18 to be careful when travelling home from school or a social activity in the evening. For any activity taking place outside the school, we make sure the activity leader knows that there are students attending who are under 18. The activity leader will make sure the student arrives to their homestay.
  • All students under the age of 18 entering the UK MUST have a return airport taxi transfer unless they are travelling with a named relative. Please note our taxi service will be in contact with the student before they leave for the UK on What’s App. We do advise all our students to download this App.

Unsupervised time

  • Students will travel between the school and the homestay unsupervised.
  • Students will not be supervised during their free time, e.g. between the end of their lessons at the school and returning to their homestay for the evening meal.

Social Programme, activities and Excursions

The school’s social programme is not compulsory. Whilst certain activities are not suitable for students under 18, LanguageUK does aim to provide activities and trips which are suitable for under-18s.

  • All school social activities are supervised by school staff who know there are students under 18 attending and who can assist the students during the activity.
  • Students attending evening social events are expected to arrange their own travel home. We strongly advise all students to return to their homestay with a friend, or preferably by taxi, particularly when it is dark. Our school staff member will call to make sure the student under 18 has returned home.
  • Other than with excursions organised and supervised by school staff. Students under-18 should not leave Canterbury without prior, written or telephone agreement between their parents and the school.
  • In the UK you cannot enter a pub or club, and you cannot buy or drink alcohol if you are under 18 years of age.
  • It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to smoke in the UK. This also means that anyone under 18 cannot buy tobacco or cigarettes.
  • All soft/hard drugs are illegal in the UK.

Curfew times

The parents/guardians of students under 18 studying at LanguageUK must inform their child that the Curfew times are 10.00pm always. Please note this is also noted on the Parental consent form.

Homestay Accommodation

Before arriving

  • Our accommodation officer with send you the host profile and confirmation and will be in touch with the student and the homestay on the day of arrival.

 Our homestay hosts

  • All students under 18 years will be accommodated in homestay where the main carer (the host) and everyone over the age of 16 living in the house will have had an enhanced DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) check.
  • Please note that homestay accommodation does not necessarily mean two parents with children. A widow, or two people whose children are away at school or grown up, can make excellent homestay hosts with more time to spare for their student guests.
  • The UK is a multicultural country, and not all hosts were born here. However, all our hosts are fluent English speakers and are expected to speak English in the home and in their daily lives.
  • We only use experienced families situated close to convenient transport links to LanguageUK for students under 18.

All homestay hosts:

  • Are made aware of the additional requirements for hosting students who are under 18 years of age.
  • Receive information on Safeguarding and Prevent.
  • Are encouraged to complete a Safeguarding Level 1 and the Prevent online course.

Food and mealtimes

  • Students will normally eat with their hosts according to the hosts routine. It is important to be punctual at mealtimes. If a student is going to attend a social programme activity or is likely to be late for dinner, they must inform their host in advance.
  • If a student cannot eat or does not like any food, we recommend they tell their host as soon as possible.
  • The host will give the student breakfast and an evening meal each day. Weekend lunches are not included.
  • A typical breakfast may include fruit juice, yoghurt or cereal, toast and tea or coffee. The evening meal is the main meal of the day.
  • Students should not expect to use the kitchen to cook. They should be able to make a cup of tea or coffee at any time, but never take food or drink from the kitchen without permission.

Baths and showers

  • Students should be able to have a bath or shower at least once every day.
  • Most homestays have only one bathroom, so we recommend students ask their host what time is best to take a shower. We advise students to consider other family members and keep their shower time to a minimum and not use the shower late at night. The bathroom should always be left clean after use.
  • Student should ask for help if they do not understand how the equipment in the bathroom and toilet works.

Heating and Lighting

In England, heating and electricity are very expensive. Central heating is usually switched off from about 10.00 p.m. to 7.00 a.m. and during the day when the host is out of the house.

We ask students:

  • To switch off electric lights and close windows when they leave the bedroom.
  • To ask for extra blankets if they are cold during the night.
  • To remember to pack warm clothing if they are coming to England during the winter months.


We recommend to hosts that they include one wash per week free of charge. The host may make a small charge for extra washing, say £5.00 per week.

Telephone and Internet

  • Most students bring their own mobile telephones so hosts generally do not allow you use the house telephone except in an emergency.
  • Students and hosts should exchange mobile phone numbers on arrival.
  • We expect hosts to offer wireless internet access as most students bring their own personal computers (laptops).
  • Free internet facilities are also available at the school.

Damage and insurance

  • Students should tell their host immediately if they accidentally break or damage anything in the home. Depending on the damage, the student might be asked to pay for the repair.


  • If students want to invite their friends to the host’s house for a visit, they should ask their host beforehand and arrange a time for the guests to arrive and leave the house.
  • It is not possible for friends to stay overnight with a student while they are in homestay accommodation.

Medical treatment

  • If a student needs medical or dental treatment, they should discuss this with the Accommodation and Welfare Office in the School. They will be happy to help the student with details of the local medical centre or dentist.
  • Students should not take any medication if it is not prescribed by a doctor.

Problems with accommodation

  • If a student has any problems or is unhappy with their accommodation, they should speak to our Accommodation Officer as soon as possible and she will be able to help.
  • A student may prefer to discuss a problem with a member of their family in their own language, or with the agent who arranged their course for them.

Parental Consent Form and Safe Guarding Policy

A parental consent form MUST be signed by a parent or guardian for all students who are under 18 and who are planning to attend an adult general English course.  When booking the course, parents or agents will be sent the parental consent form to sign and send back to the welfare and support officer at LanguageUK.

PARENTAL CONSENT FORM 2024 (please download and open with Adobe Reader to sign document)

LanguageUK safeguarding policy 2024

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