Health and travel insurance information for students who plan to study English in the UK

We recommend that you have international student travel insurance when you study English in the UK so you can relax and enjoy your time studying.

Insurance can protect you if you lose your passport, need to end your course early due to illness, or if you need medical care while you are studying in the UK.

What kind of travel insurance do I need to study English in the UK?

We suggest that you have international student travel insurance, which is designed especially for students studying abroad.

What should my student travel insurance cover?

We recommend that you have an insurance policy that covers the cost of:

  • Replacing a lost passport or visa
  • Replacing luggage that is lost or stolen
  • Course fees if you need to end your course early due to illness or accident
  • Medical bills in the UK if you are ill or have an accident
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Returning home for medical reasons (this is called repatriation)

Emergency health services in the UK are free for all visitors

All students can access emergency healthcare free of charge in the UK. If you need an ambulance when you are in the UK, phone 999 (911 also works).

There is no cost to call an ambulance or for emergency services at public hospitals. There is a cost if you need to stay in hospital or if you need further treatment. International visitors will pay a high cost for hospital stays or further treatment in the UK, so make sure you have insurance covering all medical costs.

Immigration health surcharge – for students studying in the UK for more than six months

You must pay the immigration health surcharge if you apply for a visa to study for more than six months.

You pay the fee as part of your online visa application. You can then access national health services in the UK during your stay. This includes free doctors’ appointments and hospital services.

If your visa is valid for between six and 12 months, the cost is £470. The cost increases with the length of the visa.

Use the immigration health surcharge calculator to find out how much you will pay

All students should have travel insurance

All students travelling to the UK should have travel insurance. Students studying for six months or less should ensure their insurance covers medical costs in case they need to access healthcare in the UK.

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Enrolment is extremely easy and can be done at the same time as booking your course. Within 24 hours you will receive confirmation of your policy.

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You can purchase your Travel insurance directly with us when booking on a course.

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