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Offer includes:

Intensive English course

Mornings 15 hours per week

  •  General English tuition

Afternoon options 8 hours

  • Cambridge exams
  • Life skills

just £195 per week
including course registration

or £315 per week
including accommodation & course registration

Designed For

  • Adult students with a language level of Elementary or above can sign up for our Intensive General English course.
  • You may wish to gain important English qualifications to further your learning
  • Be a retired individual simply wanting to improve your English for travel purposes
  • A professional for whom communication in the workplace is an essential element in your job.
Course Facts - Special
Start datesAny Monday from September to December
Duration1 week plus
English levelElementary to Advanced
Class hours23 hours
Minimum age16 years
Class size10 maximum in the mornings 10 maximum in the afternoons
Coursebook £25.00


Intensive English Course – (23 hours per week) Special offer

Start dateNo. of weeksTuition per week Homestay accommodation per week (optional)Studio ApartmentTotal price per week per person
Any Monday1 week plus£195£195
Any Monday1 week plus£195£120£315
Any Monday1 week plus£195£240 x 1 person
£120 x 2 people

Course Structure

Intensive English Course – 23 hours of class per week. Mornings and afternoons

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Morning classes:

During the mornings you will be allocated a class according to your level of English. We will always send you the entrance test prior to your arrival unless otherwise instructed. Our teachers will use a course book that follows a sequential approach to grammar and vocabulary learning. They will also use a number of other resources and materials either in text form or from a selection of media including the internet, radio and television. You will be given the opportunity to:

  • Improve your knowledge of grammar
  • Learn new vocabulary through speaking, listening and reading
  • Be exposed to and take part in conversation to improve your fluency
  • Focus on your writing skills, looking at different types of written text and register
  • Practice your pronunciation including individual sounds, stress and intonation
  • Consolidate what you have learned through regular review activities

Approximately 1 hour of homework will be given to you every day. If you are a long term student, you will be given a test on a regular basis so that you can track your progress.

Courses start every Monday throughout the year and the maximum class size is 10.

Afternoon classes:

You will be given the option to study in a different class during the afternoons and depending on the number of students attending we have different course options available.

Courses are either of one- or two-week duration and can be tailored to meet the requirements of participants.

While studying on our courses, you can expect to:

  • Become familiar with modern English usage
  • Gain practical ideas which can be adapted to different teaching environments
  • Brush up on existing teaching techniques and skills
  • Learn about modern British culture and current affairs
  • Socialise and exchange ideas with other teachers.

Afternoon Options

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Intensive Course – Afternoon Options

IELTS Preparation

This is the most popular option outside the summer as many of our students during the academic year are planning to take the IELTS exam at some point.

You will study for 8 hours per week and during this time you will focus on the following:

  • Essential exam strategies and techniques for each component in the IELTS exam
  • Learning to develop autonomy
  • Structured exam practice
  • Formal and academic writing skills
  • Listening comprehension and note-taking with spelling practice
  • Speed reading, skimming and scanning for information, leading to effective comprehension
  • Speaking skills in both general and academic contexts

Courses start every Monday throughout the summer and the maximum class size is 10

Life Skills could include:

  1. English for work

The Skills for work  programme is designed to give students a good introduction to the many skills, functions and tasks that take place before, during and after working in a professional environment.  This course is very popular and the focus is mainly on practising your speaking skills and expanding your knowledge of “natural” vocabulary in the work place. The topics are related to experience of working using English both in the UK and abroad and to the language needed in “real life” working situations. For students with lower levels, the focus of the class is to give you plenty of practice  in real and authentic situations that you might experience while staying in the UK. For higher levels we offer the opportunity for you to take part in debates, role plays and presentations.

“Life in Britain”

The Life in Britain course is designed around the students we have at a certain time and also the length of their stay. This course is very popular and the focus is mainly on practicing your speaking skills and expanding your knowledge of “natural” vocabulary. The topics are related to your experience of living in the UK and to the language needed in “real life”. For students with lower levels, the focus of the class is to give you plenty of practice and experience in real and authentic situations that you might have to participate in while staying in the UK. The course also looks at aspects of British life and culture through video, written text and discussion. For higher levels we offer the opportunity for you to take part in debates, role plays and presentations.

Cambridge Exam Preparation (FCE And CAE)

Who the course is for

The courses are aimed at students  who wish to improve their English for academic or employment purposes and who need an internationally-recognised qualification for their careers. Admission to the Cambridge First Certificate programme requires a minimum B2/Upper Intermediate level and to the Cambridge Advanced programme C1/Advanced level. You can choose to take this option at any time of the academic year and you will also have the opportunity to take the exam in the UK if you are taking your course with us during the time of the official exam dates.

Classes: During this course you will be given the opportunity to:

  • Focus on each component in the examination
  • Improve your grammar and vocabulary knowledge
  • Practise your speaking and fluency skills
  • Develop your ability to write the different types and styles of text needed for the examinations
  • Learn how to read faster and better in preparation for the examinations
  • Understand the techniques and strategies required to pass the examination
  • Complete structured exam practice

What's Included

What's Included in special offer package?
Standard homestay accommodation including bed, breakfast and evening meal
Monthly tutorial with the Director of Studies for students attending for more than four weeks
Free WiFi access throughout the school
End-of-Course Certificate of Achievement and proof of English level
All tuition
Free registration


What's not Included in package
Bank charges
Travel and airport transfer
Examination entry fees if required
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