Under 18 Consent Forms & Guidelines

Consent forms for U18 groups and Individuals

Information for students under 18

Here at LanguageUK we accept students aged 16 and 17 on our adult courses. We also have programmes for closed groups of 12- to 17-year-old students in our school throughout the year these students are taught in classes on their own and are not with students aged 18 or over. LanguageUK provide a safe, positive, pleasant, and home environment for all students. Parents/ legal guardians need to be aware that students studying at LanguageUK will be in an adult environment, unless they are here on a closed group.

Under British law, anyone below the age of 18 (U18) is a child and all schools have a legal duty to have special measures in place to protect children. It is important that students and their parents know that, while we have these special measures in place and take special care of our Under 18s, they will study and mix with all other students in the school.

LanguageUK understand the specific importance to ensure that parents/ legal guardians feel assured that students are in a safe environment.

We have in place a comprehensive Safe guarding policy , available for all staff, homestay providers and parents that explains our  commitment to safeguarding students.

Supervision of U18s in school and on school activities

Our U18s are supervised during lessons by our teachers, and to some degree by other staff when on the school premises. Our U18s will not always be supervised during school activities and weekend excursions organised by the school or by a tour operator. They will be given free time during excursions and in the evenings after dinner but will be given guidelines and advice to follow for their safety.

All school staff are DBS-checked and subject to rigorous recruitment procedures and necessary police checks to work with U18.

U18’s free time

In their free time, and when not engaged in any school activity, U18s are unsupervised.

Daily sign-in

All U18s are required to sign an attendance record every morning when they arrive in school, to enable school staff to monitor attendance.

U18s Welfare Officer

We have a specific member of staff Verity Sessions who is our Head DSL responsible for the welfare of U18s, who maintains dialogue with them and will continually checks for any signs of problems anxieties.

Homestay Providers

All our homestay providers are DBS-checked. All U18s are required to be home by 22:30.

Our homestay providers are visited regularly and assessed; references are taken for their suitability to accommodate U18 students and police checks are provided. Joanna Galek our accommodation officer is here to provide help and support for all students and any issues that may arise whilst staying with a family.

Parental consent form

Before your son or daughter begins their course, we require parents/guardians of U18s to sign our Parental Consent Form, stipulating what level of individual liberty they consider permissible for their child.

Download the Parental Consent Form.

An U18 guide 

We want you to always feel safe so please follow these guidelines and take our advice:

  • Please sign-in every day. The ‘sign-in’ book is at reception.
  • Please call LanguageUK if you are ill, you will have to come into school if your host family is not home. We can provide a quite room here at the school.
  • Please call LanguageUK if there is any other reason for which you cannot come to school.
  • Please respect the host-family’s and schools curfew time. Please make sure you are home no later than 10:30pm.
  • Always travel with in pairs or in a group for safety especially in the evenings or late at night.
  • Always carry the bus timetable or download the app so you know what time the buses are due.
  • Always use the main roads when walking home in the evenings and do not use short-cuts.
  • Always use the pedestrian crossings when crossing the road. Remember we drive on the left-hand side of the road in the UK!
  • Always carry your Student Card with your host-family’s telephone number and the school’s emergency numbers with you and not just in your phone.
  • Do not accept lifts from people you do not know or anyone who claims to know you through a friend or your host-family.
  • Do not accept any alcohol from anyone and do not offer to carry any alcohol or drugs from anyone.
  • When you are given free time during an excursion make sure you know the meeting time, place, and have the emergency telephone numbers.
  • If you are allowed to make your own way home from a weekday excursion, always travel in pairs or groups and always inform the school at the end of the excursion and when you have arrived home.
  • If you have any questions or problems, please speak to our U18s welfare officer or anyone at the school.

LanguageUK support for closed U18 groups

We are in regular contact with Under 18’s with staff, hosts and group leaders who are subject to rigorous recruitment procedures and necessary police checks


Activities are scheduled at LanguageUK that are suitable for Under 18 students to participate in and inform them about learning and socialising outside of the classroom. Under 16’s closed groups have their own scheduled programme and activities, it is compulsory students attend these, at other times will be supervised by their Group Leaders.


LanguageUK provide the following:

  • travel to and from homestay to school for students is independent but remotely supervised.
  • Travel to and from homestay to school for evening activities for students is either independent or we provide a taxi service for students who are staying more than 25 minutes from the school.
  • 24-hour emergency phone is on if they have any difficulties.
  • host families also have the emergency phone numbers and will alert the school immediately if a student is not home by the arranged time/curfew.

Online safeguarding:

LanguageUK offers online courses to students aged 16 and above and in junior groups to students aged 10 to 17. Safeguarding of children is paramount in these courses and is as relevant in the online world as it is in regular, face to face classes.

All staff are required to follow the code of conduct for online teaching U18


All students are required to always follow the online code of conduct


Online Safety for Children 

Online safety risk for teenagers 

Booking form for online U18

Booking form U18

Coronavirus Self Declaration U18 Health Form.

If you require any further information, then please do not hesitate to email verity@languageuk.com for more information.

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